Integrates Thüringer Content Architektur Tourismus into TYPO3.
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.. _installation:
The extension can be installed via composer,
see `the package at <>`_.
Further info is available at :ref:`t3install:install-extension-with-composer` from
TYPO3 installation guide.
The extension can be installed via file system.
Download the corresponding version `at GitHub <>`_.
Unpack into :file:`typo3conf/ext/`.
The extension needs to be activated via the "Extension Manager".
See :ref:`t3gettingstarted:extension-manager`.
Integrators can include and configure TypoScript once it is installed and enabled.
See :ref:`t3tsref:static-includes`.
All available configurations can be found at :ref:`configuration`.
At least one import configuration needs to be created and imported.
See :ref:`import-configuration`.