Integrates Thüringer Content Architektur Tourismus into TYPO3.
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.. _features:
* Support multiple languages.
Import of specific resources via static URLs.
This allows import of specific tourist attractions and towns.
* The following data types can be imported (not all properties are supported):
* Organisations (responsible for content)
* Towns
* Tourist information
* Tourist attraction
Backend module
Allows to create new import configurations.
Allows to inspect:
* Current existing organisations and their towns and tourist information
* Existing import configuration
* past imports and possible errors, as well as number of affected records.
.. figure:: /Images/BE-Module-Overview.png
:align: center
Figure 1-1: Overview of currently available configurations and Organisations.
.. figure:: /Images/BE-Module-Imports.png
:align: center
Figure 1-2: Overview of executed imports and their results.
A dedicated content element is provided to display tourist attraction.
A dedicated Page Type is provided to reference tourist attraction.