Integrates Thüringer Content Architektur Tourismus into TYPO3.
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.. include:: Includes.txt
.. _configuration:
.. _api-key:
Some API requests are only possible by providing an API Key.
This key can be configured via "Extension Configuration".
.. _storage-pids:
Storage Pids
The configuration of imports is stored within TYPO3 records.
Those records can be created via backend module.
Each new record is stored on a default page. The default is ``0``.
That would prevent editors from creating and editing records.
This page uid can be configured via TypoScript::
module {
tx_thuecat {
settings {
newRecordPid {
tx_thuecat_import_configuration = 10
.. _import-configuration:
Import configuration
Each import is defined via a special import configuration record.
This record can be created via TYPO3 backend module.
There are different configurations available:
Static list of URLs
Allows to define a list of URLs which should be imported.
These URLs should reference a single resource to import without any given parameters like a format.
Synchronization area
Allows to import a so called "Synchronisationsbereich".
Find out more at
Add the given ``syncScopeId`` to the configuration to update the given resources
for that specific sync scope.
This requires an configured :ref:`api-key`.
All configurations also provide an input to define the page where records should be
stored and updated.