Integrates Thüringer Content Architektur Tourismus into TYPO3.
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ThüCAT integration into TYPO3 CMS

ThüCAT is ¨Thüringer Content Architektur Tourismus¨. This is an extension for TYPO3 CMS ( to integrate ThüCAT. The existing API is integrated and allows importing data into the system.

Full documentation available at

Current state

The extension already allows:

  • Create configuration to import:

    • specified resources via static configuration, e.g. defined organisation or towns.

    • sync scope, a syncScopeId to always update delivered resources.

  • Support multiple languages

  • Import of the following types (not all properties are supported):

    • Organisations (responsible for content)

    • Towns

    • Tourist information

    • Tourist attraction

  • Backend module:

    • To inspect current existing organisations and their towns and tourist information

    • To inspect import configuration

    • To create import configuration

    • To inspect past imports and possible errors, as well as number of affected records

  • Frontend:

    • Content element to display tourist attraction

    • Page Type to reference tourist attraction

    • Descriptions are formatted HTML, use f:format.html ViewHelper for rendering.

Short time goals

  • Content element to display town, tourist information and organisation.

  • Extending import to include further properties


Please configure API Key via Extension Configuration.

Configuration records need to be created, e.g. by visiting the ThüCAT module. Those can then be imported via the same module.